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Springfield WORKS is

Springfield WORKS brings together service agencies, employers, policymakers, and residents for economic growth and opportunity in our Western Massachusetts community.

Together, we are building a resilient, inclusive, and equitable economy in the Greater Springfield Region.

Springfield WORKS is a catalyst for meaningful change in our regional economy. We are a small team, organizing big coalitions.

We work with residents, employers, educators, and social service providers to bridge the gaps that are leaving workers and families behind. Through targeted coordination we create the conditions for economic mobility and success. We have built a network of anchor institutions and partner organizations, all committed to addressing the decline in workforce participation and economic mobility and building a resilient and inclusive economy for everyone in the region.

Direct Impact

Springfield WORKS provides the missing link of dedicated coordination among primary stakeholders, service providers, employers, and residents. This enhances community initiatives while directly improving the lives of program participants and providers.

Capacity Building

We leverage and build resources for a shared vision of economic prosperity, identifying and addressing resident and employer workforce needs. We are building networks, tools, and resources that empower the community and remove barriers to prosperity.

Systems Change

Our work is shifting mindsets in how we build a strong economy. Through policy advocacy and innovative programming addressing root causes, we are changing systems to better support the inclusive growth of our local economy and to address historical patterns of inequitable access to opportunity.

Recent Updates

Events / Local Economy / Workforce

Springfield WORKS at the 2nd Annual Springfield School-to-Career Fair

April 17, 2024
Cliff Effects / Events / Program Updates

Springfield WORKS and Partners Host Cliff Effect Legislative Briefing at the Massachusetts Statehouse

April 4, 2024
Equitable Economy / Local Economy / Workforce

Springfield WORKS Featured in 22 News InFocus Regional Employment Outlook Segment!

March 4, 2024
Community Empowerment / Equitable Economy / Grants / Healthcare / Local Economy

Holyoke Community College, Springfield WORKS, and Community Partners Awarded Nurse Training Grant

February 24, 2024
Community Empowerment / Equitable Economy / Grants / Human-Centered Design / Program Updates / TIR-RWA

Springfield WORKS Awarded $450,000 Community Empowerment and Reinvestment Grant

January 12, 2024

Our Origin Story

Originally funded by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s Working Cities Challenge Grant in 2016, the Western Mass Economic Development Council and community leaders established Springfield WORKS to build a coalition of cross-sector partners to create pathways to economic opportunities for low-income families. 

Since 2017, Springfield WORKS has become a model of new ways to leverage resources for a shared vision of workforce development in our community. Through its partnership with more than 40 diverse organizations, Springfield WORKS facilitates initiatives and creates innovative strategies to address inequities that have resulted from historical patterns of disinvestment and bias related to neighborhood, race and ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic status.

Springfield WORKS is a workforce innovator, what we create is designed to be shared and scalable.

What are our Partners Saying?

Partner Agencies
Partner Agencies What has Springfield WORKS made possible that wasn't possible before?

"Our relationship with SW has strengthened our connection to workforce development training programs and partners."
"Seeing some of the personal stories of peoples’ lives being changed because of the more all-inclusive approach of Springfield WORKS in addressing barriers in peoples’ lives. I don’t think that kind of life change was possible before with just one-off job training programs."

Springfield Technical Community College
Springfield Technical Community College

“One of STCC’s goals is to become the premier technical community college in all of New England. I believe Springfield WORKS aligns closely with STCC’s technical mission through a mutual desire to support students as they transform their lives and develop not just job readiness skills, but grow into successful careers. The division of WFD will play an integral role in these outcomes.”

Workforce Readiness Participant
Workforce Readiness Participant

"Not only has this experience shown me my self-worth and self-confidence, but also strategies in Active Relationship and Active Parenting. I was blessed with the pleasure of having great instructors."

Springfield City Hall
Springfield City Hall

"At the end of the day our goals in Economic Development for the City ultimately
boil down to creating jobs for our residents along with growing our small businesses.
One cannot work without the other."

Workforce Readiness Participant
Workforce Readiness Participant

"This program has given me the confidence that I haven't had in years, a support system that I will never take for granted and a sense of joy for the future."

Baystate Health
Baystate Health

“Baystate and Springfield WORKS mission are aligned. Providing compassionate community based care...aligns to creating pathways for economic prosperity.”

Workforce Readiness Participant
Workforce Readiness Participant

"I learned that I am not alone and there are many women in my situation. My best memories will be the connections I built with the ladies in my class."

Partner Agencies
Partner Agencies What has Springfield WORKS made possible that wasn't possible before?

"Springfield is now on a National stage...Springfield exposure brings additional funds to the area."
We've "shown a spotlight" and are a "backbone"..."Nexus/collaborative approach for collecting data and evaluating the workforce development system and success."
"A platform for creativity and opportunities for Springfield with a shared vision for the community to succeed."


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