Roland Bernier

Data Coordinator

Mr. Bernier brings more than 40 years’ experience to Springfield Works, both within the private and public sectors.  Having built a consulting practice focused on developing computer and business systems within multiple industries and leading multi-national business projects, Mr. Bernier turned his attention to the not-for-profit area, seeking to apply his business-honed skills towards addressing social challenges.  In 2010, Mr. Bernier was accepted into the first class of Encore!Hartford, a program to train business leaders and professionals in the specifics of the not-for-profit sector and assist them in applying their business skills within this space.  As a graduating Encore!Hartford fellow, he then turned his consulting focus to the not-for-profit sector and continues to seek opportunities to add value in this area.

Prior to joining Springfield WORKS, Mr. Bernier developed systems and processes for Foodshare, Inc. – a Connecticut-based organization dedicated to addressing the needs of food-insecure individuals and families.  He developed a new process for expanding the organization’s outreach to food suppliers and also conducted a review of all internal programs with the focus to identify where Foodshare should focus its long-term planning and where it should capitalize on collaborations with other not-for-profits in an effort to focus their energies and encourage these organizations in the areas of their strong suits.  Mr. Bernier also occupies his time by volunteering with food banks, senior services organizations, and his local church.

In joining Springfield WORKS, Mr. Bernier brings not only his technical and planning skills to the role of Data Consultant, but also his passion for helping people to be better off.