The Federal Reserve Bank created these financial planning tools for everyday Americans who are navigating the challenges of transitioning from public benefits. There are 5 different tools, that can help you to create a financial plan for your future.

Skillsmart and Springfield WORKS collaborated to bring you this skills-based jobs matching tool that can help you identify your unique skillset and areas for improvement. It helps you to see the skills requirements that go into each job posting. You can compare how your skillset against the skills framework required for dozens of career options.


Holyoke Community College (HCC)

Whether you're an employer in need of workforce training, or an individual seeking to polish your resume or take your career in a new direction, HCC can help. We offer a wide range of options, from credit degree and certificate programs to professional certifications and resume-building courses for current and new employees.

MassHire 360 Career Information System

An interactive portal to help you make decisions about schools, jobs transitions, and careers. This tool works with you for your entire lifetime: resources are included for K-5, middle and high school, college, AND adults. Use this tool to understand your skills and interests, opportunities to expand your skills, launching a career, and career transitions later in life.

Find a Training Program

There are dozens of free training programs offered by our partner organizations! See the fliers at the link below.

MASSHIRE Springfield Career Center

Springfield's One-Stop-Shop Career Center. Visit for any questions or assistance around employment and training! They provide help for residents with job searches and training, as well as businesses looking for workers with matching skills.

MASSHIRE Holyoke Career Center

Holyoke's One-Stop-Shop Career Center. Visit for any questions or assistance around employment and training! They provide help for residents with job searches and training, as well as businesses looking for workers with matching skills.

City of Springfield Workforce Development Map

This document explains the 2015 Working Cities Challenge Grant, then provides definitions and explanations of different types of workforce programs, and lists of the agencies that provide those programs to Springfield residents.

Springfield City Library

A community center providing free computer classes and classes for job seekers, help navigating technology and the library through phone, email, or in-person, and Book-A-Librarian service for one-on-one assistance with basic computing, job searching, resume writing, or even figuring out your smartphone

Springfield Partners for Community Action

A nonprofit organization offering a wide variety of employment supports, financial services, and education programs to low-income families of Springfield. Their goal is to help every single person walking through their doors - either by providing them services directly, or by connecting them with the best resource in the community.

Springfield Technical Community College (STCC)

A dynamic, multi-cultural learning community where students grow in character, intellect and self-confidence. Their community-based Workforce Development Center provides non-credit programs and classes in a wide variety of fields, internship opportunities, and full- and part-time employment opportunities.

Square One

The Learn&Earn Program is a free education and career-building program for young parents, age 16-24. This is a paid work skills program, where you work toward earning your high school equivalency diploma and/or building a career, with support from a case manager, while taking classes from Square One to prepare you for jobs vital to the community.

Tech Foundry IT Training

Tech Foundry offers a dynamic and fluid 18-week Information Technology (IT) Support training program combining technical skills, professional development and career readiness. With a supportive and experienced team of Tech Foundry members, students form a community, complete a capstone project, and perform an internship!

Wayfinders Housing Services

We provide access to an array of housing services that help people find ways to live where they choose, regardless of income or background. This includes support and information, programs for housing and employment support, direct financial assistance, and occassional workshops!

Westover Job Corps Center

Free career training for a wide variety of career paths! Westover mostly serves youth 16-24 years old, with low-income, with approved citizenship/residency/DACA/etc status, meet background requirements, and are motivated and ready to succeed. Find a supportive community, earn your high school diploma or equivalent, gain career skills, gain on-the-job training experiences. Contact Admissions to understand the process.

DTA Works Program

For recipients of SNAP and/or TAFDC, DTA Works offers a variety of programs to help you plan and achieve your career goals. This now includes childcare and transportation!

LISC Financial Opportunity Centers

These centers provide career and financial coaching to help families living on a low- to moderate-income build effective money habits and focus on the financial bottom line. This includes employment and career counseling, 1:1 financial coaching, and education and low-cost financial products that help build credit, savings and assets safely. They also connect clients with income supports such as food stamps, utilities assistance and affordable health insurance