Economic Mobility:

A Whole Family Approach

Springfield WORKS collaborates with partners to provide a holistic approach to economic mobility and family well being.

Our vision is for Western Mass to have thriving communities, where economic opportunity, growth, and resilience is possible for all. Achieving that vision requires ongoing, collaborative work to build trust, remove systemic and racial barriers, and create pathways to economic opportunity and well-being. Springfield WORKS is committed to addressing and overcoming these challenges. That’s why we designed the Springfield WORKS 2Gen/Whole Family Approach to Careers. A two-generation/whole family approach means focusing on children and the adults in their lives together so that both succeed, bringing a gender and racial equity lens to workforce strategies.

Together with our partners, we have developed a coaching and mentorship program grounded in the whole family approach. We empower women and their families by taking a holistic lens that addresses the needs of the parent, the child, and the family. The videos on this page show some of the graduates of the program and demonstrate the tremendous value that it provides to the community.

The Whole Family approach is inspired by the work of the Aspen Institute that identifies six key components of family well being. The six key components help organizations to cater their support systems to the needs of the populations they serve. They also help organizations like Springfield WORKS to identify and address the needs of the population of Western Massachusetts.



  • One of the graduating cohorts from the Springfield WORKS Whole Family coaching program. This cohort is featured here on the website of the Boston Federal Reserve Bank to highlight the importance of the whole family philosophy. Photo from Alex Cronin.